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2013 was a year of Proper Weather and for that we are eternally grateful

Posted at 5:00 pm, December 23, 2013 in Fun London

January. Proper winter. With proper snow.

Blackheath Snow. Nialetto

[Photo: Nialetto]

And proper snowmen:


[Photo: xgozx]

And proper sledging.


[Photo: Kyle Taylor]


Then it was spring. The exact details escape me but I’m sure it came with the proper mix of rain and sunshine:

rain more london

[Photo: vilartoni]

Then in July the weather played with us a little. It rained a lot. We started to freak out. Meteorologists covered their asses:

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 18.07.30

But his was actually a Derren Brownish feat of reverse psychology, luring the summer into stepping up its mothersunning game…

…because in July we embarked on a PROPER summer. Like the hottest, driest and warmest one since 2006. We were all like this:

summer - trafalgar square - london - joeskade


And totally all:

Cabot Square, photo by unslugged[Photo: unslugged]

It might not’ve always held out:

Raining al fresco umbrellas - Dave Pearce

[Photo: Dave Pearce]

 But the headlines sure changed:

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 18.12.46

It was 34ºC at Heathrow for crying out loud. That’s a proper summer right there.

In September, the sun reached a lower zenith in the sky, aligning just-so with the curvature of the just-built Walkie Talkie, which condensed its life-giving warmth into a narrowly focused RAY OF DEATH:

walkie talkie burns. Photo: Claude Crommelin

You could even fry an egg under it. For free! So… maybe not all bad?

Frying an egg at the walkie talkie

In October, a properly fearsome storm blew in across the country. And London was not spared!

Beach ball  Twitter.com/Bern798  Matt  Old Street  UK storm

This 40ft beach ball was blown off an advertising hoarding and started rolling around Old Street roundabout.

In December, London faced a properly high sea surge. The waters were rising. Only one man could save the day: Barry the Thames Barrier.

Raising the Thames Barrier
Could London’s epic flood defences hold off the scourge of Serge the Storm Surge?

Serge Gainsbourg

Well, here’s what it would’ve looked like if it failed:


And as I don’t remember canoeing to the office any time recently, let’s call it a CRUSHING VICTORY. Hurrah!

Later that month, it got properly foggy, and it looked really cool. Everyone went nuts for the photos.

Cable Car

Hot summers. Snowy winters. Interesting stuff in between. More like this in 2014 please!

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