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Your perfect Christmas Day playlist: the 50 best xmas songs ever

Posted at 12:00 pm, December 25, 2013 in Music & Nightlife

So you’re Mum’s desperate to spin her new Leona Lewis cd and your tweenage niece just wants to dance to the 1D album: Total dilemma. Step in and save the day (and your ears) by sticking on the ultimate Christmas day mixtape.

Our countdown of the 50 best festive bangers ever made will supply you and your family with over three hours of solid gold christmas tuneage. We’ve got Mariah for the party gals (that’s your mum and aunt after a few Babychams), Chris Rea for your crooning (if creepy) uncle and the likes of Slow Club and The Strokes for your too-cool-for-school cousins who have yet to crack a smile all holiday.

Go on, rock around the Christmas tree with our pick of the best yuletide musical offerings in existence. And trust us, there ain’t no turkeys on this list. Liz Darke

Check out our Christmas Day playlist now.

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