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TfL seals time capsule in Tottenham Court Road station to be opened in 2063

Posted at 2:15 pm, January 8, 2014 in News, Transport
TfL 150th anniversary Time Capsule

Can you believe that we’ve been celebrating the London Underground’s BIG 150 a whole year? No, us neither. There have been special edition penguin books, pound coins, stamps, steam train rides, tube posters, art and Nike Air Max trainers. It’s been quite a year for us tube fans. Well, as a last hurrah and to see off the anniversary year in style, TfL are burying a time capsule today to be opened in 50 years time. We say ‘bury’, but in fact the old salvaged District line signalling box full of 2013 goodies won’t actually be six feet under, but will instead be sealed and displayed proudly in the massive new Tottenham Court Road Station when it opens in 2016.

But what objects would best represent the crazy cool world of 2013/4? TfL teamed up with a panel of young Londoners working with the London Transport Museum’s Youth programme and came up with the following:

➢ A letter from Mike Brown MVO, London Underground’s Managing Director, to his future successor;

➢ A short film showing a ‘day in the life’ on the tube in 2013;

➢ The limited-edition 150th anniversary Nike Air Max trainers;


➢ A special-edition 150th anniversary Oyster Card;

➢ A ‘baby on board’ badge similar to the one presented to the Duchess of Cambridge at a tube anniversary event (awww, bless);

➢  A steam run golden ticket;


➢ A ‘poems on the Underground’ card;

➢ A book charting the first 150 years of London Underground’s history;

➢ Present day signalling equipment;

➢  Oh and a copy of Time Out Magazine OF COURSE!


 So as the world’s first underground railway steams ahead into its 151st year, here are 30 reasons to remember why we love the tube so much. Happy birthday, old bean!

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