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Five things we would like to see from the ‘Back to the Future Musical’

Posted at 2:45 pm, February 4, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

back to the future

Producers have announced that a musical version of Back to the Future is coming to the West End next year. Here’s what we need to happen for it to actually be good…

1. An apology.
The ‘Back to the Future Musical’ will open in 2015. ‘Back to the Future II’ is set in… 2015. We’re not going to go into detail here, because it’ll just upset us too much, but unless technology does a LOT of progression in the next 12 months we’d appreciate it if Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale – the creative behind both film and musical – would say sorry for getting our hopes up.

2. For it not to get ahead of itself
That said, ‘Back to the Future II’ is the best of the films. And obviously we would like to see teen hero Marty McFly use a hoverboard. Obviously. But we wouldn’t want the musical to get ahead of itself trying to bung in cute film references: if it’s a straight adaptation of the film, make it the first film alone: Delorean, time travel, vaguely racist terrorists, Marty almost getting off with his mum, Biff, a big lightning strike – that’s the good stuff. We can do the future next time.

3. ‘80s vibes
‘Back to the Future’ wasn’t stiffly, tackily ‘80s – it just was the ‘80s, gloriously, unselfconsciously, unapologetically and with a huge dollop of fromage on the side. Making it all superfly and modern would be silly – who needs a mobile phone when you can have a  flux capacitor.

4. The right cast
Marty McFly: just make sure it’s not anybody who was in Busted, McFly or McBusted.
Doc Brown: well Christopher Lloyd is still only 75, you know…

5. Loads more songs like THIS

It doesn’t really matter how or why they manage to get the cast singing Huey Lewis and the News’s ‘The Power of Love’ – it needs to happen, and it’s been confirmed it will happen. But Glen Ballard, the man in charge of writing the original songs, really needs to up his game to stop ‘Back to the Future the Musical’ from falling into the same trap as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or American Psycho and having all the new songs completely overshadowed by the really famous old song. Our suggestion? Just write 15 or so songs that all sound EXACTLY like ‘The Power of Love’ by Huey Lewis and the News. Nobody could possibly object. Nobody.

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