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We predict the future of London

Posted at 6:30 pm, February 8, 2014 in Fun London

WahacaGrasshoppers ©Time Out Rob Greig

Ok so we don’t know what will happen in the future but we can give it a good guess. Here’s a few of our ideas:

Since Mexican chain Wahaca has already served up grasshoppers, and London is rife with bugs, we predict a new service: restaurants which will clear your flat of creepy crawlies.


Cat cafés prove to be just the tip of the iceberg. Combined with the rise in clubs trying to find new demographics (see fitness raves and lunchtime discos), clubs begin catering for people’s pets. Cue: ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ on the decks.

© Ming Tang-Evans

Soon, every beer in London will be an artisan craft brew flavoured with hyper-local hops. Industrially produced lager will be a thing of the past. Which makes it like totally retro. Expect modish Londoners drinking in Carling speakeasies.

London buildings

When we run out of ways to recycle leftovers, we start using food waste as building material. Fortunately, this proves to be an architectural masterstroke as we find nigh-on indestructible bricks: out-of-date cornershop flapjacks.

Here’s 20 things that might actually happen in London. Take a look at the future of the Underground here.

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