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Do the ‘Dalston Thing’ and get pissed in the name of charity

Posted at 10:30 am, February 11, 2014 in Food & Drink
Dalston Thing

Think of Dalston and you may not immediately picture it as the land of altruism. Turkish food, boozy nights, basement bars, trendy kids and 4am pool – sure, but charity? Yeah right. Well, that’s about to change as E8 bar owners are teaming up to show that hipsters have hearts.

From February 10, Dalston Superstore, Voodoo Ray’s, Ruby’s, Visions, Alibi, White Rabbit, Servant Jazz Quarters, and Shacklewell Arms will all be serving a rum and ginger beer cocktail called the ‘Dalston Thing’ and £1 from every drink will go straight into the pocket of Dalston Bridge, a fund that supports local charities (Hackney Pirates, Bootstrap Campus, Circle Sports, Hackney Winter Night Shelter and Studio Upstairs).

So do the Dalston thing, get nicely sloshed and wake up feeling good about your hangover for once.

Find out more at dalstonbridge.org

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