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London’s creepiest Valentine’s dates

Posted at 2:45 pm, February 12, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
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Look up into the sky with your beloved this Valentine’s Day, and you’ll see a full moon. Which can surely mean only one thing: creepy people out on creepy dates in London. Whether your date is a creep, or they just want to take you to a creepy place, or YOU just fancy getting your creep on (you weirdo), here are the best places to go out creepin’ in London this Valentine’s Day.

Literal creepy
London used to be a bloody, bloody place. Forget chocolate hearts, think literal broken hearts smattered all over cobbled streets at the Love to Hate event at London Dungeons’ Lates. Let your date take you for a swift one at the ‘world famous’ Dirty Dicks pub, where they used to keep dead cats in the cellar, or go on one of the many available east London ghost walks under the full moon. Not exactly romantic, but all good hand-holding/excuse to snuggle up to your date.


First date creepy
Fancy meeting lots of batty cat enthusiasts at Feline Lonely at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home? Or what about walking down the aisle on a first date at this Valentine’s Shotgun Wedding event – on Crucifix Lane no less – where you can done your favourite charity shop wedding dress or powder blue tuxedo and (not legally) speed marry a complete stranger? As much as we love cats and fancy dress on any other occasion, we’re not sure we’d advocate them for a first date on Valentine’s Day. But you might.

Creepy creepy
You’ve seen the warning signs and chosen to ignore them. So you’re kicking yourself when your I-thought-they-were-so-normal date decides to take you on a little ‘just for fun’ trip to one of Soho’s seedier ‘shows’. Or they whisk you off to St Paul’s Cathedral to sit vigil for the beheaded Roman Saint Valentine, cruelly separated from his bonce in the third century. We definitely don’t suggest you continue your date if you get taken to either of these. Natalie R Harris

Keep on creepin’, London!

Here are some other ways you could spend Valentine’s Day in London.

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