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The Lovestruck team recommend places for a great first date in London

Posted at 10:15 am, February 14, 2014 in Fun London
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When you finally get yourself a date the last thing you want to do is screw it up by choosing the wrong location. Does taking your date on a Jack the Ripper walk make you appear quirky and interesting, or like a freak with a serial killer obsession? Do you play it safe and opt for a trip to the cinema but run the risk of a) the film you suggested being horrendous and b) not even talking to your date? Yes, choosing where to go on that first date is pretty crucial in securing the second.

But don’t panic. Not content with teaming you up with the city’s hottest singles, the folk at Lovestruck have also hand-picked their favourite London locations for a date. So now all you need to worry about is not coming across like a psycho. Laura Sagar

‘For me, a date is all about getting to know someone. Lots of talking, comfortable surroundings, surrounded by cool people, and seats… lots of seating opportunities (I hate standing around).
I love the Bridge on Kingsland road. It’s a hidden gem in Shoredtich/Hoxton. Downstairs has a cosy café/bar feel, but upstairs is like being teleported back in time. It’s hard to explain. Just go, and prepare to have a great time! Coffee, booze, and cake in equal measure.’

‘Music can be a pretty good indication of a match and secondhand Record shops are the perfect place to snoop at what your date is into. If they pick up a Barry Manilow record – you know you’ve found a keeper. Playing ‘who can find the biggest ’80s bouffant’ is also a fun way to pass the time and break the ice. Check out Time Out’s guide to record shops in London – there are plenty of places to get a pint afterwards.’

‘Get the perfect fit at the Discount Suit CompanyA bustling fabric market by day in the shadow of the Gherkin, look for the dilapidated sign and you’ll find a quirky cocktail den deep in the basement of an old suit tailor’s stock room. What’s not to love?’

‘How about a date that quite literally breaks the ice? I always find it fascinating that nestled in the heart of Covent Garden sits Vertical Chill – a real eight-metre ice wall. Research has proven that activity or adrenalin-fuelled dates release the same chemical in the brain as falling in love so, book a session for two, wield that axe and take your date on a vertical thrill.’

‘On a date, sharing an experience is the best way to move things along smoothly. I haven’t met a single person that doesn’t like live jazz music. You can’t do any better in London than Ronnie Scott’s, it’s iconic and always guarantees a quality show.’

Good luck with the dating!

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