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Could this be the end for Ziferblat, Shoreditch’s 3p a minute venue?

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 18, 2014 in Food & Drink, News
Rob Greig

Remember Ziferblat, the Shoreditch venue where customers could work, relax and drink free coffee for 3p a minute? Sadly, the Estate Office Shoreditch, landlord of the place we called ‘a contender for best opening of the year’, has issued an eviction notice for breaching the terms of its lease, which designates it as a ‘co-working space’. The company refused to comment, but it is claiming that Ziferblat is just a normal café (despite not charging for drinks). Ziferblat is now seeking £45,000 for relocation costs, which it’s hoping to raise via Kickstarter.

Go and help them! Visit kickstarter.com for more info.

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