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Russell Norman and Florence Knight reopen Polpetto in Soho

Posted at 2:35 pm, February 20, 2014 in Food & Drink
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When it comes to the food press in the UK, two characters who get plenty of coverage are restaurateur Russell Norman and chef Florence Knight. Billed as one of London’s brightest young female chefs, Knight regularly manages to make kitchen whites look glam in glossy mags. As for Norman, he’s currently sharing his wisdom with would-be gastronomers in BBC2’s ‘The Restaurant Man’. As he guides them through chaotic opening nights and ropey recipes, he comes across as a thoroughly decent chap. Chances are we’ll be seeing plenty more of the dynamic duo in the press in the coming weeks as they’ve teamed up to reopen their Polpetto restaurant in a bigger premises on Berwick Street – and we think it’s better than ever. Celia Plender

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