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Don’t panic! The best bits of the Trocadero will live to see another day

Posted at 3:30 pm, February 20, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
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Earlier this week, the internet was left reminiscing about Sonic the Hedgehog and laser tag when rumours started spreading that the Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus was closing for good. Well, don’t panic! It’s not as drastic as it sounds. Yes, redevelopment work will transform some of the space into a new hotel. But a lot of the building was empty anyway and, in fact, just a few ‘MPS’ (‘Mall Promotional Spaces’, we’re told) have been removed, including the bungee trampolines and rodeo bull. The Cineworld cinema, Ripley’s museum and some arcades are still open, and as any Sega fan knows, the true spirit of the Trocadero died years ago.

The Pepsi Max Drop, remember that? It was a thrilling two-second freefall drop tower ride that cost three quid a pop but was zero calories. It was removed over a decade ago. How about Sega World, does that ring a bell? The brilliant, interactive, virtual reality theme park featuring that cocky hedgehog and his eight-bit pals? That croaked in 1999. Yep, the Trocadero hasn’t been the teenage video-gamer’s attraction of choice for yonks. That honour now applies to the south bank’s Namco Funscape. Or any suburban bowling alley.

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