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Turns out London’s not the most expensive place in the world to live

Posted at 8:00 am, February 21, 2014 in News

Unless you’re a high-flying city slicker, London life is generally a case of worrying about the cost of your heating bill, crossing fingers in the hope that your Oyster card will cover your journey to work, and generally just watching your pennies like a tight-fisted hawk. That’s except for on pay day, of course, when you head to the pub, hoof tequila like a rock star then splash out on an taxi home. It’s a city-wide consensus that us Londoners are over-worked, under-paid and entirely ripped off, pretty much all the time, yet just last week we’ve discovered some news that has thrown this into total disarray.

On Friday, The Guardian published the Economist Intelligence Unit’s list of the world’s ten most expensive cities and unbelievably London wasn’t on it. Are you having a laugh, you ask? Nope. Shockingly, our beloved capital was topped by the likes of Tokyo, which came in at the most costly city in which to live, with Sydney, Singapore and Paris all ranking just below.

What with necessities including an Aperol Spritz costing £7, a boutique burger and chips totalling around £12, and our daily flat white coming in at a hefty £2.50, us Londoners are prone to the occasional overdraft-related weep, but the poor (quite literally, we’re guessing) people of Tokyo are on average paying over a fiver for a loaf of bread. Beans on toast as a pre-pay day meal is clearly off the cards, then.

On the other end of the scale, Karachi in Pakistan and Mumbai and New Delhi in India rank as the three cheapest cities (Karachi being the cheapest) in which to reside, with a 1kg loaf of bread costing as little as 50p in Mumbai.

It’s nice to know that us city dwellers aren’t as hard done by as we once thought, but we now can’t help but feel a little disappointed that we don’t have that house deposit or travelling fund together just yet. Also, this news has definitely blown our ‘Sorry Mum, I can’t come home for your birthday barn dance as I just can’t afford the train ticket’ excuse. Dammit.  Liz Darke

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