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You’re happy and we know it! Four feel good things that happened this week

Posted at 10:15 am, February 23, 2014 in Fun London, News
Fourth Plinth Commission

We’re not saying that the announcement of David Shrigley’s giant thumb as the next Fourth Plinth installation caused some sort of cosmic explosion of good vibes. But, well… you explain all the goodspiritedness that’s been going on. Here’s a round-up of the week’s happiest stories.

London resident decides to improve a life every seven days

Our weekly to-do list? ‘Try not to leave house with skirt tucked into underwear again’. Not Jaime Thurston, though, who last week crowd-sourced a make up class for a cancer sufferer and her daughter, so that they could spend quality time together. It’s the latest step in her 52 lives project, which tries to improve the life of a deserving person every week for a year. Which she’s doing because ‘people are good’. But the more people who help her, the more people who are being good. Which means more people to reward. Which means even more good deeds to do. It all adds up to one thing: at this rate, our city’s going to be the nicest place on the planet some time around July. Find out more at 52-lives.org.

Mob offers their bone marrow to toddler with leukemia

Time was when you knew what to expect when set upon by a mob. Pitchforks. Burning torches. General lack of cuddles. But so much goodwill’s currently sloshing round the city that Notting Hill was last week invaded by a ‘Helpmob’ – a new initiative to wreak kindness upon a different part of London on the first Saturday of each month. Their pedestrian-bothering was confined to herding people into an event to find a stem cell donor for Margot (pictured bottom), a toddler with leukemia. And guess what? The event led to a blood-type match that may save the 16-month-old’s life. What next? People plunging into burning buildings to save other Londoners? Erm, actually… Find out more at facebook.com/thefreehelpguy.

Pensioner risks life to drag woman from burning building

Picture the scene: your flat in Bow is engulfed in flames. The door smashes open, and in bursts a brave rescuer. He drags you to safety, then dashes back to extinguish the flames before fire crews can even arrive on scene. His identity? An OAP using a 26-year-old fire extinguisher he happened to have kicking around his flat. Further proof that all our citizens have gone lovey-dovey for their fellow residents. And definitely not a bizarre post-fire-brigade-cuts outsourcing of emergency services.

Night out in Dalston results in £800 for homeless guy

Last week, Jenny Baker got chatting a 64-year-old homeless Jamaican man whilst out in Dalston. He told her he wanted to return to his homeland. Thus she set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise £800. The tally’s now at £9,780 and counting, with additional cash going to homeless charities in the capital. Which is just totally lovely. And definitely a better end to an evening on Kingsland Road than Dalston Jazz Bar.

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