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What’s the deal with… Lizzo?

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 24, 2014 in Music & Nightlife


Lizzo is playing tonight at Birthdays in Dalston. But what’s her dealio? Read on to find out…

Damn, that name is familiar. Was she in ‘Grange Hill’?

Do you mean Zammo? No, this clued-up 25-year-old rapper spent her formative years in a place where creativity goes beyond thinking up new ways to wear a tie: Detroit – the home of Motown. She later moved to Houston and then Minneapolis, to get involved in a bigger music community.

Wide influences, then?

As wide as the US of A, my friend. Raised on gospel and inspired by Destiny’s Child, she’s had a go pretty much every genre going – most notably in an R&B girl group called The Chalice and an electropop duo, Lizzo & The Larva Ink.

And now she’s moved on to, what, indie-pop?

Don’t be ridiculous. She’s now making old-school hip hop tracks with smart production and sharp, modern lyrics. Her solo album ‘Lizzobangers’ lives up to its name by featuring the sort of sassy rap vocals that bring out dance moves last seen when Missy Elliott was getting radio play.

Isn’t there one about baking?

The lead single’s called ‘Batches & Cookies’, and while we’re yet to establish what that actually means, it’s somewhere between Azealia Banks in tone and Mary Berry in subject matter. You won’t find any C-bombs, but she’s still badass enough to raise eyebrows.

Oh wait, not ‘Grange Hill’ – I was thinking of ‘Grease’!

That was Rizzo!  Ashleigh Arnott

If you love the sillier side of hip hop, get to know Lizzo. 

Find out more at birthdaysdalston.com. Sadly it’s SOLD OUT but keep an eye on lizzomusic.com to find out when she’s next coming to town.

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