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Cycling – It’s a blood sport! Share your riding injuries for a new book

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 25, 2014 in Outdoor London, Photos of London, Transport
Cycling Shouldn't Hurt

If you’re a regular pedal pusher in the city, chances are you’ve fallen from your steed, and been forced to eat a bit of London dirt at some point. New publishing company Grayshon are calling for volunteers to feature in a new photographic tome by Neil Grayshon – ‘Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt’. It’s a collection of beautifully shot portraits of cyclists sporting injuries, and it’s hoped that the book might jolt the GLA into action on road conditions for cyclists. So if you’ve got a few chunks missing thanks to a pothole, lorry driver or invisible cycle lane, step up on Wednesday Feb 26 to become one of the book’s subjects.

What’s in it for you? Well, whether or not you believe Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt has any power to affect the city’s transport infrastructure, (the publishers hope to launch the book by marching copies to the GLA, transport ministers and TfL), you get to take home a copy of the book, which promises to be weirdly beautiful, thanks to the frank photography of Fiona Garden, as well as a free print from your shoot. What finer artwork to hang over your dining table than a grizzly portrait of yourself with a split lip and a bit of tarmac stuck to your cheek? Katie Dailey

‘Cycling Shouldn’t Hurt’ will be published this summer, limited to 700 copies, printed and bound in London.

The shoot takes place on Wednesday Feb 26 from 3-6pm, sittings take no longer than 30 minutes. Sign up grayshon.co. More dates will be announced soon and they’ll be another chance to get shot at Spin London on March 28-30.

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