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Just announced: five big gigs on sale on Friday morning

Posted at 5:00 pm, February 27, 2014 in Music & Nightlife
John Mayer announces O2 Tour date

It’s payday! Well done on making it through another month. You deserve a treat – so why not book gig tickets? As always we’ve rounded up this week’s live music announcements on our just announced page, but here are five extra-special shows that are likely to sell out way ahead of time.


Poor old John’s just broken up with Katy Perry, apparently, so be a sport and make him feel wanted by booking tickets for his huge O2 show this summer. His easy-going classic rock is rootsy, authentic and soulful, and he sold out two London dates in a flash last autumn.

Buy tickets here at 9am

EELs Tour Dates


Mark Everett’s long-running alt rock project combines existential angst and melancholy with a catchy and intriguingly odd mix of alt pop, Waitsian blues, funky Beckisms and exploratory soundscaping. They’re here to play from their latest album ‘Wonderful, Glorious’, but they should drop the odd ’90s tune in there too: we’ve got our fingers crossed as ever that they’ll play ‘Novocaine for the Soul’.

Buy tickets here at 10am

Echo and the Bunnymen Tour Announcement


Sofa-lipped singer Ian McCulloch and his merry band of new wavers perform their long-life Scouse indie. They’re still at it, with a new album on the cards for 2014, so new material is a given alongside ‘The Killing Moon’, ‘Bring on the Dancing Horses’ and other moody ’80s classics.

Buy tickets here at 9am

Nitin Sawhney


Musical multi-tasker extraordinaire Sawhney returns to the stage, presenting tracks from his new concept album ‘Dystopian Dream’. He’s an accomplished jazz pianist, flamenco guitarist, tabla player and orchestral composer, with a long-term tendency to cock a snook at genre, so whatever he pulls out tonight should be interesting.

Buy tickets here at 9am

Ennio Morricone :My Life in Music


Pick a western, any western, and there’s a fair chance acclaimed composer Ennio Morricone had a hand in soundtracking it. He has scored more than 350 films, including several from famed ‘spaghetti western’ director Sergio Leone. With a 160-piece symphony orchestra and choir, Morricone will be performing atmospheric, sweeping selections from his 50-year career: the good, the great and the awesome.

Buy tickets here at 9am

Check out the rest of this week’s big live music announcements here.

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