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Things heat up as Brick Lane gets a curry curfew

Posted at 4:30 pm, February 28, 2014 in Food & Drink, News
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It’s all kicking off down Brick Lane. Curry mile is in the midst of some serious upheaval. First of all, there’s the news that a ‘curry curfew’ is being imposed on restaurants that stay open past their closing time, with the council imposing fines on those who breach the rules. Restaurants argue that closing at midnight is severely damaging their business, but the council is standing firm.

It’s not just the restaurants who are being threatened with fines. Residents on the street have also, confusingly, received warnings that if they don’t stick to their closing times they will be fined. ‘But we’re not restaurants, we’re people!’ they have exclaimed, meekly. ‘Prove it!’ the council has replied. The matter remains unresolved.

But that’s not the only thing ruining everyone’s good times. Residents have had enough of late-night party people using the street as an open sewer and peeing all over the place. So a petition has been started to bring pop-up loos to Brick Lane, which should bring some slight relief to residents and revelers alike. Eddy Frankel

If you feel for the poor residents, sign the petition here.

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