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London gets its first glimpse of ‘Godzilla’

Posted at 3:15 pm, February 28, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
London Screening shown Godzilla footage

This morning, we were lucky enough to be part of the world’s first audience to check out some footage from the new ‘Godzilla’ movie, overseen by Nuneaton’s finest, ‘Monsters’ director Gareth Edwards. The footage consisted of five clips, each one introduced by the director.

In the first, ‘Breaking Bad’ star Bryan Cranston delivered an emotional tonnage every bit as hefty as the 350-foot-high title character as his wife Juliette Binoche was killed by a freak seismic event at a nuclear power facility. Flash forward 15 years, and our Bryan is still trying to persuade the authorities that something more than an earthquake was responsible.

Then we were treated to a simply spectacular sequence set in Honolulu, in which Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s GI, racing across the Pacific to his wife Elizabeth Olsen, is waylaid by something very large, green and pissed off. Yes, we got to see Godzilla in all his glory; no, we’re not going to reveal too much (suffice it to say that the big green fella may not be the only threat facing mankind, and it’s not Godzuki).

The final pair of clips showcased Taylor-Johnson in action-man mode, diving from a railway bridge to escape a monster attack, then diving from a plane right into the middle of one.

It’s hard to judge from a few clips, but we’d guess this ‘Godzilla’ is going to be one mighty blockbusting beast, full of sound and fury and spectacular special effects; Edwards himself seemed every bit as wide-eyed about the film as his audience, saying: ‘If you’d told me three years ago that I’d be sitting here as the director of “Godzilla”, I would have laughed,’ he told us in the post-footage Q&A.

‘Godzilla’ is released on May 16. Check out the latest trailer here and keep an eye on timeout.com/film for more news and reviews as they come in.

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