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49 cool London photos from 2014 so far

Posted at 1:47 pm, March 2, 2014 in Photos of London
BT Tower puddle reflection photo 0  M Vorländer

[Photo: Matthias Vorlander]

It’s been a wet and windy 2014 so far, but that hasn’t stopped our legion of photographers going out and capturing the city in all its glory. Here are a fistful of our favourite photos from our Flickr group this year – click on any of them to enlarge.

Angel of Doom:

Angel of Doom - NickRichards81

 [Photo: Nick Richards]

Blue and red:

Blue and red - markdbaynham

[Photo: Mark D Baynham]


Panorama - LJP40

[Photo: Louisa]

Granny - John Kortland

[Photo: John Kortland]

One way:

One Way - Jason B

[Photo: Jason B]

Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year - Rebecca Danby

[Photo: Rebecca Danby]

Bags beneath their eyes:

Bags - Jordi Corbilla

[Photo: Jordi Corbilla]

Sunday stroll:

Crossing the road - Kentaro Tsuda

[Photo: Kentaro Tsuda]

Look up:

City Towers - Juan Rendon

[Photo: Juan Rendón]

Brick Lane: 

Brick Lane - M Vorlander

[Photo: M Vorländer]

Ben Slow mural:

Ben Slow street art - Claude Crommelin

[Photo: Claude Crommelin]

It’s Chinatown:

Chinatown, London - Patrizia Ilaria Sechi

[Photo:  Patrizia Ilaria Sechi]

Butterfly message wall:

Butterfly wall - Nicky Napkins

[Photo: Nicky Napkins]

Natural History Museum:

Photo of Natural History Museum - Jackie Bugeja

[Photo: Jackie Bugeja]

Minding the store:

Brick Lane - Kentaro Tsuda


[Photo: Kentaro Tsuda]


Heals staircase - Aaron Yeoman


[Photo: Aaron Yeoman]

Share the joke?

Tube passengers - Amoola

[Photo: Amoola]

Notting Hill guitarist:

Notting Hill guitarist - Sean Batten

[Photo: Sean Batten]


Tunnel vision:

Tunnel - Rob Dawkins


[Photo: Rob Dawkins]

Towering over:

St George Tower - Vauxhall - Dave Pearce

[Photo: Dave Pearce]

York and Clifton Mansions:

York and Clifton Mansions, London - Mike T Photography


[Photo: Mike T]

A stone’s throw:

Stone throwers - Dave Pearce

[Photo: Dave Pearce]


Flower seller, Embankment, London - markdbaynham

[Photo: Mark D Baynham]


The Palace:

Buckingham Palace - Tedz Duran

[Photo: Tedz Duran]



LASSCO Ropewalk antique store, Maltby Street - Mike T

[Photo: Mike T]



Fence spikes - DJ Jason B

[Photo: Jason B]


Royal Victoria Docks:

Royal Victoria Docks - Umbreen Hafeez

[Photo: Umbreen Hafeez]


Southbank reflected:

Southbank reflection photography - John D-9000

[Photo: John D-7000]



London Fashion Week, candid photo - Phillip Rocker

[Photo: Phillip Rocker]


Dog dreams:

Dog dreams - Laura McGregor

[Photo: Laura McGregor]

Battersea Reach:

Battersea Reach, London - Lee Davison

[Photo: Lee Davison]

London City Airport approach:

Photograph of plane flying between two buildings, London - Simon Hadleigh-Sparks


[Photo: Simon Hadleigh-Sparks]

Millenium Bridge:

Photo of Millenium Bridge, Tate Modern, Thames, London - Joyce Dela Paz

[Photo: Joyce Dela Paz]

British Library:

Photo of British Library, London - Graeme Wilmot

[Photo: Graeme Wilmot]

Lime Street: 

Lime Street, London - Tedz Duran

[Photo: Tedz Duran]

Spring in East London:

Photo of daffodils on sale, Haggerston, London - sweeney1971

[Photo: sweeney1971]

Painted Hall:

Photograph of Great Painted Hall, Royal Naval Academy, Greenwich, London -  Dianne Aleja Chua

[Photo: Dianne Aleja Chua]

Old Royal Naval College:

Photograph of Royal Naval Academy, Greenwich, London -  Dianne Aleja Chua

[Photo: Dianne Aleja Chua]

 Christ Church:

Photograph of Christ Church, Spitalfields, London - The Great Misto

[Photo: The Great Misto]


photograph of spitalfields market - the great misto

[Photo: The Great Misto]

Rhythm of the night:

Photo of Soho, Leicester Square - blueboi101

[Photo: Blueboi101]

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