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Your Ad Here: big name artists design billboards for local east London businesses

Posted at 2:30 pm, March 4, 2014 in Fun London
Billboard project

Bar the odd festival, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has been pretty empty since 2012’s Games. But some brilliantly colourful collaborations between artists and local independent businesses and institutions are about to change all that. Arty types like Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller are working with the likes of takeaways, stationers and museums, designing cool billboard adverts to bring culture to the Olympic Park.

Billboard project

The ‘Your Ad Here’ campaign will plaster the billboards along two kilometres of hoardings for up to five years from some time around Easter. Organisers are after more businesses to sign up – participants will receive not just swanky posters, but also workshops with a top advertising agency. There’s an open call for artists to get involved with helping out local businesses and giving the Olympic Park some pizzazz, so if you’ve got a brilliant idea for that chicken shop down the road, or the ‘sauna’ on the high street, this is your chance to stick it to the man and help out the little guy.

For more information  head to www.your-ad-here.co.uk

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