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‘Twin Peaks’ and the Ukraine: is Victor Yanukovych a shape-shifting demon?

Posted at 12:15 pm, March 6, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, News

If you can look at the two pictures above and not feel a little cold shiver run down your spine, you’ve either got a heart of stone or you’ve never seen David Lynch’s masterfully spooky early 90s TV thriller ‘Twin Peaks’. In the show (spoiler alert!) a series of killings were carried out by an ordinary man who was in fact possessed by a demon spirit known only as Bob, a terrifying homicidal entity with lank grey hair and the creepiest denim jacket this side of Jon Bon Jovi.

Last week, following a popular uprising, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, reviled politician Victor Yanukovych, fled the capital and disappeared. Shortly afterwards, posters went up all over the country demanding for his return to face trial on charges of corruption and the manslaughter of civilians. And to those among us who know our ‘Peaks’, those posters looked awfully, eerily familiar. Perhaps it’s simply a coincidence – some plucky Ukrainian googled the words ‘wanted poster’ and this was the one that came up. Perhaps there are some die hard Peakies in the Ukrainian uprising – it wouldn’t be a surprise. Or perhaps – just perhaps – Yanukovych himself is not quite what he appears to be…

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