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‘Gogglebox’ couple Steph and Dom infiltrate the National Portrait Gallery

Posted at 1:30 pm, March 7, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Photos of London
Dom & Steph in The National Portrait Gallery

Art galleries; they’re full of vibrant, sometimes baffling, but ultimately thought-provoking pieces of work. This week, however, one particular piece in the National Portrait Gallery led to a number of quizzical looks. A portrait of Steph and Dom, the ‘posh couple’ from Channel 4’s ‘Gogglebox’ was smuggled into the gallery (see above) and put on display while the institute’s security guards remained completely unaware. 

Placed next to a portrait of Sir Paul McCartney by artist Sam Walsh, Steph and Dom stared back at onlookers while holding the flutes of champagne they’re known to drain as they watch their favourite TV. And considering the first floor of the National Portrait Gallery showcases ‘artists and sitters from 1960 to the present day’ technically the ‘Gogglebox’ pair fit right in.

How the portrait actually managed to arrive in the gallery is still a mystery, but it was certainly a conveniently timed surprise, with the show due to return to TV screens this evening at 9pm.

This isn’t the first time that life-sized cut-outs of ‘Gogglebox’ couples have appeared across London in recent times – they’ve popped up in a variety of famous locations from Trafalgar Square to the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

See a few of our favourites from the travelling Goggleboxers below.  

Steph and Dom, Trafalgar Square


Abbey Road Gogglebox Gogglebox on the tube

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