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‘We Will Rock You’ to close after 12 years: here are eight other uses for the Freddie Mercury statue

Posted at 5:30 pm, March 11, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
freddie mercury statue © Rob Greig

Wow, it’s finally happened. It was announced today that legendary musical ‘We Will Rock You‘ is set to close after 12 years at the Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road. Admittedly we work just up the street but surely we can’t be the only ones who think that the Freddie Mercury statue has become something of a London icon. As much as we won’t miss the crowds cluttering up the tube station entrances and the blaring Queen hits, we’ll be sad to see Freddie move on when it closes on May 31. But where will he go? Here are a few ideas…

1) Position it under the Westway to look like he’s holding the whole thing up.

2) He’d make a rather imposing lightning rod on top of Centre Point.

3) Or an unconventional Christmas tree angel for Trafalgar Square.

4) He could replace the Michael Jackson statue at Craven Cottage and help Fulham avoid relegation.

5) Put him on the Fourth Plinth! Artist Alexandra Mir already put forward an unofficial proposal for this in 2011 called ‘Freddie On The Plinth‘.

Freddie Mercury on the Fourth Plinth

6) Put wheels on the base and fashion it into a special vehicle for the Queen where she can sit in a pod held aloft by his fist.

7) Farmers could buy it, hide inside it and have it delivered to the outskirts of Brian May’s badger sanctuary as a kind of moustachioed Trojan Horse equivalent.

8) Since we took down our neon sign, the front of our office is looking a little bare. We coud paint him in the Time Out colours and have him in out the front of Time Out Towers. It would only be a block down from his current spot so he wouldn’t feel too disorientated…

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