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Phillip Pullman’s Grimm Tales come to life at Shoreditch Town Hall

Posted at 5:30 pm, March 13, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Pullman prints ©Le Gun

A theatrical re-imagining of of Phillip Pullman’s ‘Grimm Tales for Young and Old’ is set to open in Shoreditch tomorrow (March 14). Set in the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall, the production aims to create an immersive experience by giving audience members a chance to physically interact with an array of the most popular characters as they guide them through the many iconic fairy tales.

Phillip Pullman has publicly backed the production, suggesting that whilst we identify with the Grimm Tales, these pieces of folklore are far older than just the book and would’ve originally been performed orally, making a theatrical interpretation the perfect medium for adaptation.

To help promote the unique production, art collective Le Gun has created a selection of original prints to accompany each tale. These prints have been especially commissioned for the Shoreditch production and therefore will only be available with the show’s own programme, so get on down there to nab one.

‘Grimm Tales’ will run from March 14–April 24 in Shoreditch Town Hall. For more information and to purchase tickets click here

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