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A yacht of bother: Luxury boat crashes into Richmond Bridge

Posted at 3:30 pm, March 17, 2014 in News, Transport
Luxury Yacht collides with Richmond Bridge

Following a spot of springtime warmth this weekend, Londoners did as we always do when the sun makes a welcome appearance and hit the town. However, residents sunning themselves in Richmond yesterday were treated to a dash of afternoon drama as they witnessed a luxury yacht crash into a bridge on the Thames.

The Princess V57 motor yacht cruised slowly towards Richmond Bridge only to collide with the overpass. Strong currents caused water levels in the river to rise by up to seven feet by mid afternoon, meaning the yacht struggled to navigate a usually comfortable journey through west London. You’ll be pleased to hear that after water levels eventually subsided, the yacht was able to continue on its path.

With onlookers stating that the yacht seemed to suffer fairly considerable damage, one millionaire is waking up this morning with a hefty paint job on their hands.

For more of the Sunday afternoon #drama/notdrama see the video below.

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