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Handbagged: Queen Liz as you’ve never seen her before

Posted at 3:30 pm, March 23, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

Before we saw Moira Buffini’s brilliant 2013 stage comedy ‘Handbagged’, we’ll admit to harbouring the odd doubt about Her Majesty the Queen. Even after that cool stuff with the helicopter at the Olympics. But then the play showed her to be a wise crackin’, Thatcher baitin’ heroine in a twinset, and while we concede that Buffini may have been taking some artistic licence, we’ll let her off thanks to this delightful new publicity photo for the show’s West End transfer. Is a Time Out-reading Liz II the Queen how she is, or the Queen how we want her to be? Probably the latter, but if you’re reading this blog, ma’am, write in and we’ll give you a subscription on the house.

‘Handbagged’ is at the Vaudeville Theatre, April 3-August 2.

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