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E-cigarettes and coffee at London’s Vape bar

Posted at 2:30 pm, March 26, 2014 in Food & Drink
Vape Bar ©David Tett

Jeez, smoking with actual cigarettes is so 2013. It’s like reading a magazine made from paper. Erm, wait, what we meant was… oh, let’s move on. Future faggers should be happy after last week saw the opening of the Vape Lab, billed as London’s first electronic cigarette and coffee shop. The sleek-looking, café-style venue on Shoreditch High Street lets you buy battery-powered sticks to suck on for £45 to £100 and purchase some juice to top them up, or hire the gear to try it for yourself. But, erm, why? ‘The e-cigarette business is mainly done on the internet,’ explains one of the Vape Lab’s founders, Pierre Durand. ‘But it’s pretty hard when you’re buying on the internet to know what it’s going to taste like. For customers it’s a bit like tossing a coin.’

For £15 per person per hour you can rent an e-fag to chuff on as though you’re partaking in an ancient Arabic tradition rather than trying to outmanoeuvre the smoking ban by breathing in scented liquid. Flavours include tobacco, strawberry, toffee, bubblegum and something called ‘Colonel custard’. Which, frankly, sounds a tad odd. ‘People love it,’ says Durand. ‘It sounds like a weird flavour when you hear about it, but when you try it, it’s a success.’ Will the same be true of the venue? Dunno. But if it is, we could soon be en route to… Planet of the Vapes!

To glimpse more of London’s new Vape bar, see the photos below.

Vape Bar ©David Tett Vape Bar © David Tett

For more info on the Vape Lab, visit thevapelab.co.uk

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