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Interactive bus shelter comes to Regent Street

Posted at 5:45 pm, March 27, 2014 in News, Technology, Transport
TFL's interactive bus shelter, trialling on Regent Street

Let’s be honest, waiting at a bus stop can be pretty dull. Standing under a shelter as rain lashes down, occasionally glancing from your watch back to the timetable as the minutes roll by and there’s not a double-decker in sight. Yet with TfL striving to make its service more efficient and easy to use, a new scheme could see London’s bus stops becoming interactive hubs equipped with touchscreen interfaces far more accurate than their printed predecessors.

Displaying both up-to-date departure data and a real-time map of nearby buses, the first of these new ‘smart shelters’ is currently being trialled on Regent Street near Piccadilly Circus. Coinciding with ‘The Year of the Bus’, the new scheme was initially concocted after surveys revealed Londoners were turning to independent smartphone apps to check travel info, making shelter’s printed timetables increasingly redundant.

Developed by advertising company Clear Channel, the new touch screens not only display travel info related to the capital’s buses but also provide the latest news about the Underground and allow viewers to locate their nearest Boris Bike if they fancy a cycle instead. On trial for two months, the interaction data will then be analysed with the intention of a full-scale roll-out in late 2015.

For more info on the new scheme, visit clearchannel.co.uk.

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