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Boris bikes go yellow for the arrival of the Tour de France

Posted at 5:30 pm, March 28, 2014 in News, Transport
Limited edition tour de france Boris bikes

Boris bikes have been a London staple for some time now, yet they’ve never broken out of that dowdy blue-and-navy colour scheme. If you’d prefer something with a sunnier disposition, we have good news. The Mayor has unveiled 101 bright yellow bikes to mark the 101st Tour de France, which arrives in London on July 7. Why yellow? Well it matches the Jersey of the winning rider, of course. With the odds of getting your hands on one pretty slim, Boris Johnson has likened the bikes to a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’-esque golden ticket, except without the chocolate. Keep your eyes (banana) peeled. Erin O’Neill

If you happen to spot one of the limited edition bikes, why not take a snap and tweet it using the hashtag #LDNYellowBike

And over to Boris to awkwardly model the new bikes…

Limited edition tour de france Boris bikes Limited edition tour de france Boris bikes

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