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Londoner’s like working in skyscrapers, but we prefer more humble homes

Posted at 12:30 pm, March 28, 2014 in News, Technology
The Shard © Jason Hawkes

Skyscrapers are amusing things. Buildings constructed so tall you’d almost think the architects were compensating for somethi… Nevertheless, buildings like the Shard and the Gherkin are undeniably impressive to look at, but a new poll has revealed that while Londoners may like the look of such modern towers, they don’t actually want to dwell in them.

To coincide with New London Architecture’s upcoming exhibition London’s Growing Up!, the NLA took a poll to see how people in the capital really feel towards the city’s growing number of high-rise structures and the results were somewhat surprising.

London’s favourite building was the Gherkin with 36 percent of the vote; the capital’s equivalent of Sauron’s dark tower, the Shard, came in second and pulling up the rear in third was the Leadenhall Building, also known as ‘The Cheesegrater’.

While 45 percent of people asked felt such buildings improved the city’s skyline, the poll also revealed that most people didn’t fancy living in them. Those that did express an interest in inhabiting buildings like the Shard were young men (we’re saying nothing) yet they were heavily outnumbered by those opposed to dwelling in such lofty abodes, with seven out of ten over-34s unwilling to settle in skyscrapers. Despite such resistance, the poll also shows that while we wouldn’t dream of living in them, 61 percent are fine with working in high-rise buildings. Maybe we just enjoy the view or something.

This survey comes on the back of an NLA building survey providing evidence that at least 236 towers over 20 storeys are currently planned for construction in London, meaning the capital’s skyline will eventually resemble that of Metropolis. Next stop hover cars (please).

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