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Ruffling the wrong feathers: what is going on with the London Pillow Fight?

Posted at 1:30 pm, April 1, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

Hooray! It’s nearly 3pm on the first Saturday of April! Which means it’s nearly International Pillow Fight Day! It’s a time for all Londoners to come together in a brilliantly daft, pillow fight-based flashmob! Time for happiness! Time for fun! Time for… the mayor’s office to step in.

‘Please be aware that the GLA will be undertaking cleaning and maintenance in Trafalgar Square… with the majority fenced off on Saturday April 5,’ ran the first in a series of emails we received from BoJo’s dojo, asking us to make all mention of International Pillow Fight Day disappear from our website.‘It [will be] unsuitable and potentially unsafe for events.’ These cleaning works have been coincidentally scheduled for the same day that there’s been a pillow fight in Trafalgar Square for the last seven years. Then it got weirder. The mayor’s office started emailing people accusing them of being the pillow fight’s ‘organiser’. Bafflingly, one such email refused to suggest a more suitable time and place for the pillow fight, partly due to the fact that ‘this activity has no known organiser’. So is the pillow fight going ahead or not?

It definitely isn’t according to the mayor’s office, who claim that last year’s event incurred £2,000 worth of clean-up costs. But a source in the New York office of International Pillow Fight Day says differently. ‘The messages I am getting say that the pillow fight is proceeding in Trafalgar Square. People are being made aware of the mayor’s office’s position, and if they choose to attend it is up to them.’ So make your own minds up. We’re staying well out of it. Not that there’s anything to stay out of. Because the event’s not happening.

Have a look at the photos from last year’s London Pillow Fight!

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