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Infographic: London’s coffee hotspots

Posted at 8:00 am, April 3, 2014 in Food & Drink, Maps
Prufrock Coffee © Rob Greig / Time Out

With 80 percent of the population drinking at least one cup of coffee a day, it’s scary to imagine just how different we’d all be without the delicious dark nectar. With many of us commuting in to work on a daily basis, the chances are your first conversation of the morning will be with an extremely chirpy barista, one who holds the key to you functioning for the remaining hours of the day. But what if you’ve yet to find the best place to grab your morning fix of skinny caramel mochaccino latte? Well fear not, for the infographic magicians over at Rentonomy have come up with a coffee-based visual that tells you exactly how far you are from your nearest caffeine refuelling station, while also detailing how pricey property gets the closer it is to a coffee shop.

The handy infographic also reveals what types of coffee different areas of London favour, with the frenetic City hooked on double espresso (aka rocket fuel), whilst those in Clapham prefer a laid-back latte (aka sugary beige milk). And for those who live near Islington’s Holloway Road… well lets just say you’ll never be in short supply of a cup of joe, with the area containing 24 different coffee shops to get your fix.

Craving more coffee? Luckily the London’s Coffee Festival is starting on April 6.

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London Coffee Festival Infographic

For more rent-based info on London visit rentonomy.com

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