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Tarmac typography: the artistry of road marking painters

Posted at 10:00 am, April 3, 2014 in Transport
Bus Stop road marking ©David Pacey

Our relationship with the signs we see painted on roads is usually a tense one. After all, double yellow lines are designed to bring misery to motorists and joy to traffic wardens, but the vast majority of Tarmac typography is in place for our safety and we shouldn’t just take it for granted.  Considering how often you see a ‘BUS STOP’ marking you’d be forgiven for assuming those painting it had a stencil on hand to ensure the uniformity of their work. However, thanks to a video captured by designer Tom Williams, we now know these familiar signs require genuine artistry, each one being painted by hand. Nice work guys!

For an idea of how these under-appreciated artists work see the video below. 

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