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London’s Growing Up! High hopes for London’s skyline

Posted at 10:00 am, April 4, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, News
NLA, London's growing up exhibition

If you hadn’t already noticed, London’s skyline is getting increasingly cluttered, with over 230 towers planned for construction over the next two decades. As we mentioned last week, ‘London’s Growing Up!’, a new exhibition from the New London Architecture group, is aiming to document how the capital has changed over the years, from the first skyscrapers built in the 1960s to the hi-tech high-rises planned for the future.

Structures of over 20 storeys were usually only found on council estates or in the business hub of the city, yet new plans reveal that over 80 percent of the 236 planned towers are set to become luxury residential buildings to cater for London’s growing population. 43 percent of the all the proposed high-rises have now received approval and 77 percent of them will be focussed in Central and East London, with Tower Hamlets set to play host to 23 percent of the futuristic towers.

London's Growing Up, NLA exhibition

The exhibition, which opened yesterday and will run until June 12, allows visitors the chance to create their own vision of London, with interactive touch screen displays producing projections of the capital based upon your own preference of where buildings should or shouldn’t go. As an added incentive, designs deemed to be especially impressive will feature on the NLA’s Twitter feed, so you can show off your futuristic London to the world.

Two particular Skyscrapers caught our eye with their hi-tech designs promising to turn London into something resembling one of the cities in ‘Star Wars’, or, y’know, Japan. Plans for a 41-storey structure called ‘The Blades’ showcase two thin parallel towers especially designed to cut through the wind, whereas ‘The Quill’, a 31-storey skyscraper planned for Southwark will resemble Shakespeare’s implement of choice and provide accommodation for London’s students.

NLA, London's growing up exhibition

For those attending the exhibition, a comprehensive model of London, which itself took nine months to complete, is on show to provide viewers with a glimpse of what the capital will look like when the assortment of skyscrapers is complete.

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