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Dirty Bones brings haute cuisine hot dogs to Kensington

Posted at 1:30 pm, April 7, 2014 in Food & Drink
Dirty Bones, © Kris Piotrowski

If you’re over 50, you won’t like Dirty Bones. It’s as simple as that. Heck, if you’re over 40, you probably won’t like it. It’s loud, dark, and serves hot dogs in a fancy-pants way, as if they were a cote de boeuf or an escalope of veal. I mean, they’re hot dogs. Are they really all that? Well, the chaps at Dirty Bones (who also do a mean fried chicken, in case you’re wondering), certainly think so.

As for what our critic thought, read our review here.

And if it’s the best hot dogs in town you’re after, look no further – we’ve got the lot here.

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