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NO MERCY! Thirty feathery photos and GIFs from London’s #PillowFightDay

Posted at 2:30 pm, April 7, 2014 in Fun London

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The global phenomenon that is International Pillow Fight Day returned to London for the seventh time this weekend, and despite some official attempts to prevent it from happening, 2014’s feathery flashmob was a great success.

Pillow fight, Trafalgar Square

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Trafalgar Square was transformed into an urban playground, along with the other 116 different events across the world: from San Francisco to Rome, and from Tronheim, Norway to Surrey. There was a whole spectrum of pillow-wielder styles: topless posers, carefree revellers, sneaky pillow-ninjas, and then just those looking to cause bedlam. Ahem. Sorry.

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Of course, all manner of costumes were on show. A combatant clad in a yellow Pokémon onesie became an obvious target for pillow fury. ‘Pikachuuuuu!’, they screamed, as they bashed the poor soul. So many pillows were lain to waste that, after the final feathers had settled, Trafalgar Square looked as though it’d just played host to some kind of genocidal pillow sacrifice.

Pillow fight, Trafalgar Square, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles© Peter Yeung

After only a short while huge clouds of feathers filled the air of Trafalgar Square. Packs of confused tourists looked on with a mix of fear and curiosity. Then – despite the presence of quite a few police – one man climbed to the edge of the National Gallery entrance armed with nothing but a pillow, a megaphone, and some tight, white boxers. He shouted some stuff that you couldn’t really hear, but it was probably profound, and the crowd responded with even more animated pillow swinging. Peter Yeung

Man in boxers, pillow fight, Trafalgar Square© Peter Yeung

feathers 2
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13677991033_f53b503e5e_b© David Benedetti

Pillow fight, Trafalgar Square© Peter Yeung

13678001365_6d3a22b436_b© David Benedetti

Pillow fight, Trafalgar Square© Peter Yeung

13678335314_443544a9f6_b© David Benedetti

Pillow fight, Trafalgar Square© Peter Yeung

Pillow Fight, Trafalgar Square© Peter Yeung

Pillow Fight, Trafalgar Square© Peter Yeung

13677992693_050418b4b2_b© David Benedetti

Phillip Rocker© Philip Rocker

Phillip Rocker 2© Philip Rocker

Renderdan 2© Renderdan

rodwey2004© Rodwey2004

rodwey2004 2© Rodwey2004

Saad Dandiya© Saad Dandiya

VIC 4© Vic Casambros

Vic Casambros 1© Vic Casambros

Vic Casambros 3© Vic Casambros

Vic Casambros 6© Vic Casambros

13678050663_b188ec5cc3_b© David Benedetti
13678324214_fda3d2c7e1_b© David Benedetti

Pillow Fight, Trafalgar Square© Peter Yeung


© David Benedetti

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If you want to read about all the other #PillowFightDay events that happened around the world, or just to make sure you don’t miss next year’s event, go to www.pillowfightday.com.

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