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#BoyvsFood: Time Out tackles ten London competitive eating challenges

Posted at 6:30 pm, April 8, 2014 in Food & Drink

Alexi Duggins, boy v foodPhoto: Rob Greig

Over the next ten weeks, Alexi Duggins will be doing a food marathon in an attempt to be crowned London Eating Champion. Why is it a marathon? Because instead of 26 miles, his attempt to be crowned London’s Best Eater consists of 26,000 calories, and if it doesn’t make him do a little sick at some point, we’ll eat our hat. Which, frankly, sounds a lot easier than some of the madness he’s going to attempt as he takes on the city’s toughest eating challenges. Here, according to him, are London’s ten noteworthiest eating challenges.

1. Man v. Ribs at Porky’s, Camden

Man v Ribs challenge at Porky's Camden
Photo © Rob Greig

The challenge: Eat 1.1 kilos of ribs and 400g of fries.
The reward: Free T-shirt. And a free meal for two if you’re the fastest eater of the month.
Difficulty: 37 have tried. 21 have succeeded. 56.8% success rate.
Record time: 11m 53 seconds.
Price: £18.
Details at www.porkys.co.uk

2. The Triple Chilli Challenge at Meat Liquor

Triple chilli challenge, MeatLiquorThe challenge: Eat a jalapeño filled burger, jalapeño-coated chilli dog and chilli-cheese fries submerged with (you guessed it) jalapeños. In ten minutes.
The reward: Free meal. Or, if you’re in the top three fastest eaters, you get to jump the restaurant’s entry queue so long as you’re not knocked off your perch.
Difficulty: 750 have tried. 150 have succeeded. 20% success rate.
Record time: 2m 47 seconds.
Price: £20.
Details at www.meatliquor.com

3. The Two-Foot Sausage Roll Challenge at the County Arms, Wandsworth

Sausage roll challengeThe challenge: Eat a two-foot long sausage roll within a five-minute time limit.
The reward: Free meal, plus a T-shirt.
Difficulty: 30 have tried. 10 have succeeded. 33.3% success rate.
Record time: 2m 51 seconds.
Price: £10.
Details at countyarms.co.uk

4. The Double Knuckle Challenge at Octoberfest Pub, FulhamOctoberfest knuckle challenge, FulhamThe challenge: Eat two pork knuckles, a huge pile of chips and sauerkraut, plus two pints of lager.
The reward: Photo on their “wall of fame”, free beer stein.
Difficulty: 1000 people have tried. 5 have succeeded. 0.5% success rate.
Record time: 24m 0 seconds.
Price: £35.
Details at octoberfestpub.com

5. The Wonder Café challenge at Wonder Café, Uxbridge

Wonder Cafe breakfast challengeThe challenge: In 45 minutes, you have to successfully eat four fried slices, four slices of toast, four eggs, six sausages, six rashers of bacon, six hash browns, four slices of black pudding, plum tomatoes, beans and mushrooms.
The reward: Free breakfast, picture on their Facebook page.
Difficulty: Five have tried, none have succeeded. 0% success rate.
Record time: Never been completed.
Price: £20.
Details at wondercafe.co.uk

6. The Terry Tucker Shepherd’s Pie Challenge at The Pride of Paddington pub

Shepherds Pie challenge LondonThe challenge: Eat a jumbo shepherd’s pie in 20 minutes.
The reward: Free meal.
Difficulty: Six have tried, zero have succeeded. 0% success rate.
Record time: Never been completed.
Price: £20.
Details at theprideofpaddington.co.uk

7. The Naga Viper Chilli Challenge at Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton

Viper challenge at Red Dog Saloon, London
The challenge: Eat six chicken wings coated in Naga Viper chilli sauce so hot you have to wear gloves and sign a waiver beforehand. Contestants must finish in ten minutes, without drinking water during the challenge or for a five minute ‘burn off’ period afterwards.
The reward: Free T-shirt, photo on their wall of fame.
Difficulty: 1,500 have tried, 100 have succeeded. 6.67% success rate.
Record time: 26 seconds.
Price: £10.50.
Details at reddogsaloon.co.uk

8. The Two Kilo Calzone Challenge at Amici Restaurant, Holloway

Calzone challenge, Amici, LondonThe challenge: Eat a gigantic, two-kilo calzone stuffed with mozzarella, goats’ cheese, ham, olives and sun-dried tomatoes. No time limit.
The reward: Free dessert and coffee.
Difficulty: 2000 have tried, 200 have succeeded. 10% success rate.
Record time: 25 minutes.
Price: £12.45.
Details at amicirestaurantn7.com

9. The Three Grizzly Bears Burger Challenge at The Thirsty Bear pub, Blackfriars

Birger challenge at Thirsty BearThe challenge: Three one-and-a-half-pound burgers topped with BBQ pulled pork, a double portion of chips and two pints of Meantime London Pale Ale. To be finished within an hour.
The reward: Free meal.
Difficulty: 40 have tried, two people have succeeded. 5% success rate.
Record time: 33 minutes.
Price: £60.
Details at thethirstybear.com

10. Beat The Beast at Black’s Burgers, Croydon

Beat the beast burger challenge, LondonThe challenge: Eat a 7lb burger containing 1/2lb of cheddar, seven rashers of bacon, plus 1lb of chips and a milkshake containing two scoops of ice-cream.
The reward: Free meal, free T-shirt and photo on their wall of fame.
Difficulty: No-one has ever succeeded. 0% success rate.
Record time: No-one has ever succeeded.
Price: £60 (payable in advance). Must give 48 hours notice.
Details at blacksburgers.co.uk

Keep an eye on timeout.com/boyvsfood to watch Alexi get fatter and fatter.

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