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Plenty of kidding around at the Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race

Posted at 3:30 pm, April 8, 2014 in Fun London, Outdoor London, Photos of London
Spitalfields City Farm, goat race

If you’ve always thought the Boat Race doesn’t involve enough puns or animals, you’d definitely have loved the Spitalfields City Farm‘s goat version, which took place shortly after the River Thames-based original last Sunday afternoon. A thousand well-hooved punters turned up to watch the three goats (yes, three: ‘Oxford’, ‘&’ and ‘Cambridge’) trot their way to the finish line in the seventh annual event, but there was plenty more kidding around to be done before the main event…

pogo stick, goat race

There was fun to be had on the pogoat stick, in preparation for the race that took place later, which ended in the winner swinging said pogoat stick over his head and nearly taking out one of the on-lookers.

shoats, gota race, pigs
Holmes and Watson, the city farm shoats (young pigs) built up some energy before their part in the festivities; the shoat race.

Goat race tea party
It’s never too damp for a goat-tea party.

Goat race, goatry slam
Visitors got creative in the Goatry Slam, which produced many modern classics, most notably a reworking of a Fleetwood Mac classic into ‘Goat Your Own Way’.

pogo sticks goat race
Some kids had a go on the pogoat sticks.

goat race, trophies, vegetable sculptures
The more creative visitors took to sculpting the official Goat Race trophy.

goat race, looming clouds
The sky looked threatening, but the weather’s never too baaaaaad for a day at the farm.

Goat race, photo board
It was a day to be documented.

Goat race, baaaarThirsty visitors butted into the queue for the baaar.

Goat race, billy hill, betting
Bets were placed at the highly reputable Billy Hill.

goat race course
The crowd were on the edge of their fences.

Goat course finish line
Eagerly clutching smartphones, and ready for the big moment…

And it was all over! The winner? ‘&’. They’ll have to change the name next year…

Sunday also saw the return of #WorldPillowFightDay in Trafalgar Square.

See what fun London has in store for us this weekend.

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