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This honest tube map tells it like it is

Posted at 9:30 am, April 9, 2014 in Fun London, Transport

If the Tube map told the truth ©Buzzfeed

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The other day I was travelling on the air-conditioned luxury that is the Central line (if only!) and amongst the hordes of depressed workers commuting home I saw something that got me thinking. A small, curious and restless boy was asking his knackered mum why some stations had such weird names. The conversation went something like this:

‘Is there a Circus in Oxford?’

‘Does James Bond live at Bond Street?’

‘Is White City home to the KKK?’

Ok, maybe that last one was an exaggeration, but the point stands. Station names are often baffling to those unfamiliar with the tube, but what if things were simpler? What if we were more truthful about what to expect when exiting certain stations?

This alternative tube map, created by Buzzfeed UK editor Luke Lewis,  spills the beans on which stations equal tourist hell and where to avoid briefcase wankers. Hari Sethi

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