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Barking mad: would you pay £60 for some Dalston twigs?

Posted at 12:00 pm, April 11, 2014 in Fun London, Outdoor London
© Babak Ganjei

No doubt Facebook has acquainted you with the set of De Beauvoir Square twigs sold on eBay. No? Oh. Well, a London japester created a listing on the auction site, flogging six sticks, claiming that ‘like the Spice Girls, each twig has its own character’ and ‘these twigs come from De Beauvoir Square, a part of London where… a sandwich starts at £4.20, thus making these premium twigs and not everyday rubbish’. The auction ended, the final bids came in, and the price paid for six bits of tree the buyer could have picked up off the ground themselves? Sixty two quid. Turns out money does grow on trees.

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