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Weird and wonderful costume inspiration for the London Marathon

Posted at 3:30 pm, April 11, 2014 in Fun London, Outdoor London
London marathon toilet

Given the fact that the very idea of the London Marathon began life over drinks at the Dysart Arms near Richmond Park, it’s hardly surprising that half the competitors look like they’ve downed four pints before getting dressed for the race. Here’s some of our favourite costumes from London Marathons gone by:

Tiger marathon costume

Sure, there’s the fairly normal, straight-laced competitors: people dressed as vegetables, married couples in full wedding gear, a Dumbledore, and even a Darth Vader or two, but then things start to get weirder; runners dressed as royals complete with masks of Will and Kate, and old men wearing mankinis.

mankini marathon

Or a six-man insect that can only be described as a human centipede.

London marathon outfits

Then, the ultimate. In the 2002 London Marathon, one man competed wearing a deep-sea diving suit that weighed 50kg. It took him five days and eight hours to complete the course, breaking the world record… for the slowest marathon time.

Lloyds Scott- marathon

The same man, Lloyd Scott, also competed another year dressed as Indiana Jones, complete with his own boulder in pursuit.

Lloyd Scott- marathon costume

Oh and here’s comedian Bernie Clifton and his famous ostrich

Bernie Clifton- ostrich costume

Then there’s Pheidippides, who didn’t actually compete in the London Marathon. However, the word ‘marathon’ comes from the name of a Greek battlefield, from which he ran the 24.8 miles to Athens to announce the Greeks’ victory over the Persians. After delivering his message, he collapsed and died from exhaustion. Still, that skirt and shield combo is a good look and one that we’d recommend people copying.


So, if you’re going down on Sunday, be prepared for plenty of other sartorially challenged runners pounding the streets of London. Peter Yeung

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