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BoJo flies high in this ace new mobile game

Posted at 5:30 pm, April 15, 2014 in Fun London
Flappy Mayor screenshot

CityMapper has him teleporting. The Olympics had him zipping (and dangling). And now you can make BoJo have a flapping good time thanks to an ingenious clone of the ridiculously successful twitch game, ‘Flappy Bird’. Since the creator of the original game removed it from sale earlier this year, clones have been popping up right left and centre – including Drake and Miley Cyrus themed games along with approximately 100 other clones in total – but we only have eyes for one: ‘Flappy Mayor’.

In the game, which is free for iPhone and iPad, you can take our dear old Boris on the ride of his life as he flaps his way along the seemingly simple but deceivingly difficult obstacle course collecting roundels and ultimately running into the Union Leader and falling from his graceful ascent. Sound silly to you? Good. It’s supposed to.

We’d like to think that this game comes from a place of love, but seeing as the game’s App Store description merely states ‘How to play? TAP TAP TAP TAP to make the mayor flap around a lot! (Like his day job)’, we’re guessing they’re not fans. But this is one sure-fire way for our beloved, bumbling, blond-haired mayor to reach the top of the charts in the UK so download it now and see what all the flap is about. Carly-Ann Clements

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