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Celebrate 4/20 with our top 19 stoner songs

Posted at 10:15 am, April 20, 2014 in Fun London, Music & Nightlife
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It’s been a big couple of years for cannabis in London. Last March, figures revealed a 15 percent increase in cannabis factories, prompting Crimestoppers to release weed-scented scratch and sniff cards to help people smell out neighbours growing the green stuff. We have to admit that we were mildly sceptical about the whole thing, but we had to eat our words after police said that 3,500 tip-offs had been voluntarily offered up by the the public. That’s quite a lot of smelling and snitching.

Then, earlier this month, police said that they had discovered ‘buttloads of ganj farms’ (or something to that effect), so we made a map of London’s weed hotspots. Seems like London’s love of the potent herb isn’t waning. 

And now the biggest day of the marijuana calendar is upon us – 4/20! Not heard of this annual pot-fest? You’re clearly not enough of a stoner (good work you!). Legend has it that it all started in California in 1971 when a group teenagers arranged to meet at 4.20pm to look for an abandoned cannabis crop. Their attempts to find the fabled weed failed, but ‘420’ since became a code-word for pot-smoking. Now April 20 (aka 4/20 in US date format) has become a big stoner holiday in America and it’s wafted across the pond into our fair city.

If you want to celebrate the high holiday of hash, the London 4/20 Smoke Up & Walkabout 2014 is happening in Hyde Park. Meet at Marble Arch between noon-1pm and expect stoners peacefully protesting for the legalisation of cannabis and presumably getting baked. Or if you’d prefer to ‘relax’ at home, we recommend you get comfy, order a takeaway and put on our fave stoner tunes. Happy 4/20 y’all!

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