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The ‘Fargo’ TV series hits C4 tonight and dont’cha know we’re pretty darn excited here

Posted at 12:15 pm, April 20, 2014 in TV
Martin Freeman - Fargo - Lester

Just a friendly reminder that the first episode of ‘Fargo’ is coming to C4 tonight (April 20) at 10pm, and if you’re a fan of the film it promises to be worth your time.

It’s a ten-episode drama set in the world of the Coen Brothers’ much-lauded namesake film, and although it’s not a remake of the movie’s story, you can safely expect snowy North Dakotan wastes, suspense, satire, mystery, horror, comedy and keen (if faintly surreal) social observation. Martin Freeman stars in a Jerry Lundegaard/William H. Macy-inspired role of a loser-on-the-edge, above, sucking a soda sheepishly, and below, wielding a hammer and looking a bit wrong behind the eyes:

Martin Freeman - Hammer - Fargo

And there’s Billy Bob Thornton, the bad-ass Heisenberg to Freeman’s Mr. White:

Billy Bob Thornton - Fargo

The somewhat lesser-known Alison Tolman picks up the gosh-darn determined cop role:

Alison Tollman

And there’s this guy, you know… from… that show? We’ve seen him before somewhere:

Adam Goldberg - Fargo

Ah, it’s Adam Goldberg, and yep, he’s been in everything.

Oh, and Oliver Platt’s in it too! Will he be exuding an air of mild bemusement and exasperation perchance?

Fargo - Oliver Platt
You’re damn right he will!

The first episode’s already been screened in the US and the reviews – ‘atmospheric’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘unexpectedly brilliant performances’ – are rather positive indeed. (I’d recommend not reading them if you don’t ruin the first episode for yourself, though.) In any case, watch the trailer below:

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