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#BoyvsFood week three: the County Arms’ Two-foot Sausage Roll challenge

Posted at 5:30 pm, April 23, 2014 in Food & Drink, Fun London

boy vs food

You’ve got five minutes to eat a two-foot-long sausage roll. The problems are numerous. Firstly, it’s meaty. VERY meaty. And secondly, it sort of looks like a massively elongated bum hole. How easy is it? Easier than you’d think.

The challenge: eating a two-foot-long sausage roll within a five-minute time limit. The reward? You get it for free, you receive a T-shirt announcing you as having vanquished the pastry behemoth and you also get the respect of anyone near you who happens to think that quickly eating pub snacks is cool. So: immeasurable prestige.

As Alexi Duggins took on the third competitive eating challenge in his ten-week attempt to be crowned London Eating Champion, the crowd yelled ‘He’s swallowing it like a snake!’, he burned his mouth on dangerously hot meat and he finished it in three minutes and one second: five seconds off record time. And how did it look? Well, it looked a bit like this:

Alexi Duggins boy vs food

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