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Glastonbury resale: how to boost your chances of scoring tickets

Posted at 3:00 pm, April 24, 2014 in Music & Nightlife


Listen up! The first resale of tickets to Glastonbury is tonight (April 24) at 7pm! Don’t have a registration number? You’ve fallen at the first hurdle, my friend – registration closed at 5pm on Monday April 21. Don’t cry just yet though as there’s a slim chance a former, more-organised you registered many moons ago – save your tears until you’ve checked Glastonbury’s Registration Recovery page first. Not on there? OK, you can cry now.

For those of you lucky enough to have your registration sorted: congratulations, you have qualified to join the mad internet scramble that is the Glastonbury ticket resale. Only a limited number of tickets will be going back on sale and considering they initially sold out in an hour and 27 minutes, you’ll need to be fully prepped if you’re going to have any chance of beating the machine.

1. Knowledge is power

There are two resales: one of returned ticket and coach packages taking place today at 7pm and another taking place at 9am on Sunday April 27. Everything else you’ll need to know is on a handy FAQs page here – study carefully and study hard.

2. The three S’s

Strategy: Get all ticket hopefuls you know to find their registration numbers and associated postcodes. This is also the time to call in any favours you’ve been saving for a rainy day – if smug ticket-holding friends are nagging you to go, make puppydog eyes at them until they agree to help you.

Spreadsheets: Find someone who bloody loves a bit of data entry and get them to create a Google spreadsheet with registration details divided into pairs on one tab (the coach package resale tonight is limited to two per transaction) and divided into groups of four on another tab if you’re planning to try again on Sunday (when it’ll be up to four per transaction). Share the spreadsheet with all relevant parties. You can all have it open at the same time and see changes in real time – you are winning at spreadsheets.

Strategy again: The idea is that when the time comes, you (and those buddies you’ve badgered into assisting you) try for tickets for everyone in your allocated group. If you manage to sort your group out, you move on to the next one and so on. Make sure everyone knows The Plan.

3. Get connected

Open up a Facebook chat, Whatsapp group, Google Hangout or some other instant means of staying in contact with multiple people. Monitor the Glastonbury Twitter feed for the latest updates and also monitor any Glastonbury related tweets. Make a last-ditch plea for help to your Facebook buddies – now’s the time to make up sob stories and post sad kitten gifs.

sad sad cat gif

4. Are you sitting comfortably?

Half an hour before: open your spreadsheet, your group chat, all relevant Twitter feeds, as many browsers as you have with as many tabs as you can handle with this URL plugged into it: glastonbury.seetickets.com, collect all the phones you can find and stick this number on speed dial: 0844 412 4635.

Twenty minutes before: eat snacks, drink water, do star jumps, recite motivational statements.

Fifteen minutes before: double-check your URLs and phone numbers against the official FAQs in case we’ve made stuff up…

Ten minutes before: battle stations.

Nine minutes before: start hitting refresh and redialling like a mad person.


Shalinee Singh (a Glasto-loving pro who once spent 12 hours trying to get tickets that weren’t even for her. And yes, she did beat the machine!)

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