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#boyvsfood week four: The Double Knuckle Challenge at Octoberfest Pub, Fulham

Posted at 1:30 pm, April 27, 2014 in Food & Drink

Is this video of Alexi Duggins trying to eat two pork knuckles the grossest attempt to eat a meal you’ve ever seen? We think it might be. As our editor-at-large took on a food challenge only previously completed by four people out of 1,000, he devolved into a gibbering idiot, adopted some very ill-thought through tactics and nauseated all around him. But does he manage to quaff a litre of beer, a huge pile of chips, big bowls of sauerkraut and potato salad and two pork knuckles in 45 minutes? And more importantly, what the hell is a pork knuckle? Watch the latest video of his attempt to become London Eating Champion to find out.

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