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If you do one thing this week: play in Martin Creed’s balloon room

Posted at 8:00 am, April 28, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
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Remember the pure joy of playing in ball pits as a kid? If you often wish there was an adult equivalent, we recommend you get yourself down to the balloon room at Martin Creed’s ‘What’s the point of it?’ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. ‘Work No. 200 Half the air in a given space’ – known to the kids on the street as just the ‘balloon room’ – is exactly what you’d expect; a space stuffed to the rafters with large white balloons that you and your inner child can frolic in until your heart’s content.

The air is full of static, detached hair, fluff, delighted squeals and unexpected bangs. Crawl down low to feel like you’re at the bottom of a cup of bubble tea; climb up high to imagine you’re overlooking the clouds, take a swim through the sea of inflatables or just run around with joyful abandon (be prepared for unexpected popping!). Go early or be prepared to queue, wear a hoodie if you don’t want your hair to go WILD, try not to be grossed out by everyone else’s hair stuck on the balloons and most importantly bring your camera/phone to capture moments of merriment for posterity like these folks below (and me). Sonya Barber

You’ve only got until May 5 before Martin Creed’s ‘What’s the point of it? show closes so GO, GO, GO!

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Caution: finding your way out may take some time.

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