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Bloomin’ lovely: Lonely Bouquets bring joy to the masses

Posted at 4:30 pm, May 1, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Outdoor London

You shouldn’t be feeling too miserable with another bank holiday on the way. But if it’s been a hard week, then keep your eyes peeled on Friday for a smile-inducing floral surprise.

In celebration of their emerald anniversary and National Flower Arranging Day, the National Association of Flower Arrangment Societies will be distributing thousands of bouquets across the UK – from park benches and shop doorsteps to well-known landmarks and surprise locations, spreading some much-needed love across the nation. There are an epic 60,000 members of the society and each will make a bouquet, attach a note and leave it somewhere for a lucky stranger to find and take home.

The random act of kindness has been dubbed the Lonely Bouquet, and is an idea that sprang from young Belgian florist Emily Avenso, who blogged about it a couple of years ago. Since then, the concept has really taken root and we’re sure more than a few days will be brightened tomorrow. Looks like everything’s coming up roses! Stephanie Hartman

Find out more about the project here: nafas.org.uk. If you find a bunch, be sure to send a message back to NAFAS and let them know! 

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