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The Shine Night Walk returns to the streets of London this September

Posted at 5:15 pm, May 2, 2014 in Fun London, Outdoor London
Shine Night Walk, London (c) CRUK

What happens if you took our famous marathon, held it at night, slowed things down to a brisk walk,  gave people the option to just do half of it, and raised loads of money for Cancer Research UK in the process? Well, you’d end up with something like the Shine Night Walk, returning to London for the sixth year on September 27.


Fancy taking a 26.2 mile stroll around London’s loveliest landmarks, just 148 nights from now? Entry is a mere £35, although if you can’t raise a few bob walking that far, then your colleagues must not like you very much. We’re also looking for five participants to blog for us about their preparations – and the night of the walk itself, of course – so follow the link for your chance to apply.

Whether you’re partial to a promenade, incurably nocturnal, or reckon you’re the scribe we’re looking for, find out more about the event!


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